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From full-service relocations to do-it-yourself, we do it all.

Since every move is different, our services are customized to meet each family’s unique relocation needs. Whether you are considering a do-it-yourself move or a full-service move, ADSI Moving Systems has flexible options that work for every budget. From utilizing our portable storage containers for the do-it-yourself moves to our certified packers and movers taking care of you, we do it all.

Our packing crew was extremely professional, courteous, and friendly. They made our family, including our baby feel very comfortable. They all had a warm and caring spirit. Wish we could pick them for all our moves in the future.

- F. Johnson

Full-service Relocation

Full-service Relocations take the worry out of moving for our customers. Our professionally trained, friendly staff will take care of all your relocation needs.
Our services include:

  • Pre-move planning – Contact us to set up an in-home survey to determine your relocation needs and receive a written estimate.
  • Dedicated and experienced personal move coordinator
  • Experienced household goods move team
  • Home protection during loading and unloading
  • Full packing
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Full unpacking
  • Debris removal
  • Storage services available if needed
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Do-it-Yourself Relocation – Endless Options

Life gets hectic and with a busy lifestyle often comes a shortage of time. Busy schedules can keep you stressed and factoring in a big move certainly adds to it. How can you save time while still having the flexibility and opportunity to be equally involved in your future move?

Our Do-It-Yourself Relocation services are in place to provide our clients with increased convenience and practical options for a simplified and hassle-free move. You pick and choose your moving timeline and we’ll be available to help as little or as much as you wish. Don’t require a moving truck? No problem! Prefer to pack your own belongings but are in need of quality storage containers? We have the right resources to ensure your packing and moving process goes as planned.

Manage your relocation the way you want using our Go-Mini’s Portable Storage options. Our containers can be delivered to your door so you can pack and load at your own pace. When you’re finished just give us a call back and we can pick it up and relocate to your new home so you can being unpacking. Once all your items are unloaded we will pick up the container from you. Our Do-It-Yourself Moving option is in place in an effort to accommodate your needs and personal timeline, all while providing great customer service.

If you don’t require help with any of the heavy lifting, such as packing, loading, and unloading your belongings, and are looking for a budget friendly option to get the job done, this may be the perfect option for you. Perhaps you’re unable to move in immediately, or you want to move at your own pace; this option allows you to progress through your relocation at your own speed, as you have time. With month-to-month rental of your container, you can keep it as long as you need.  If you’re interested in learning more about this relocation option, contact us today!

Packing Materials

As most of us know, packing can take a considerable amount of time and can be labor intensive. Time is money, so if you are looking to reduce your costs with this relocation, you may wish to take on some of the packing yourself, as a means to stay within your moving budget.

Consider the time you have to work with prior to your moving day.  Regardless of whether you are taking on the move yourself or through the help of professional movers, it’s important you have all of your belongings ready, packed and organized to go the day before your move begins. Whoever is loading up your truck will need to have a good handle on what items you are moving and which are considered fragile. Randomly stacking boxes in your truck can be risky business and may lead to broken or damaged items; allow your assigned loader to strategically place your items together to help ensure the items are protected and secure as you travel to your new home.

If you are planning to use our Do-It-Yourself move options and are looking for a way to streamline your packing process, our standard size moving boxes and packing materials are sure to get the job done. The same materials our ADSI Moving Systems packers use can conveniently be purchased at our Augusta, GA warehouse facility. We purchase in large quantities so we are able to pass our savings onto you. If you would like to see some of the packing supplies and specialty boxes that we offer, check out our packing 101 blog post. Have questions about packing your items or purchasing supplies from us?

Give us a call at 706-489-6469.

How Will Do-It-Yourself Relocation Services Help?

Our do-it-yourself option offers the ultimate flexibility for your move if you are looking for an alternative to traditional full-service moving services.

GO MINI’S® portable containers are a low cost, easy to use, convenient relocation option that gives you the security of a strong, lockable moving or storage container. Plus, you don’t have to rent a truck to do-it-yourself! You may also consider our portable storage solution if you are considering:

  • Home Renovations or Repairs– For those times when you are remodeling or making repairs and would like to store your possessions on site!
  • New Home Purchase– Unable to move directly into your newly purchased home? GO MINI’S® can help relieve this headache!
  • Selling Your Home– Temporarily store excess furniture and belongings to help with the sale of your home!

Portable Storage Delivered To Your Door

Step 1: Call or go online to order the Go Mini of your choice
Step 2: We deliver the Go Mini to your door
Step 3: You load the Go Mini, lock the door and give us a call when you are ready.
Step 4: We pick up the Go Mini & deliver it to your new location or our secure warehouse for storage

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