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How Can Records Storage Help Your Business?

Improves Productivity

Partnering with ADSI Moving Systems for your records storage and records management needs, will:

  • Reduce time spent on searching for records
  • Eliminate information loss caused by incorrect filing and unidentified documents
  • Reduce the number of duplicate or incomplete records
  • Provide you with a retention schedule by identifying record types and their purposes

Bar-Coded System for Ease and Organization

Our on-site records storage services are completed through a convenient bar coded system which allows for quality and professional service at all times.  Documents are scanned into a bar coded shelf system and stored accordingly, where information can be quickly and easily retrieved when required. This handy system allows for new entries, retrievals, search requests, and document destruction requests, all in real time.  You’ll have continuous access to the status of your records and any activity that takes place.

Flexible Retrieval Options

Documents can be requested by:

  • Phone, email or fax
  • Connect to our web-based software directly from any PC.

Whatever method is fitting for your business; ADSI Moving Systems will handle everything else for you.

Easy and Convenient Delivery

It’s hard to predict when you might need a specific record, and sometimes the need will be immediate. We understand access will vary so we are proud to offer our clients with a variety of options when it comes to the delivery of your records. Select from:

  • Same day
  • Next day
  • Emergency delivery
  • Fax response
  • Document imaging