Corporate Employee Relocations: Important Policies to Consider



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If you are experiencing a corporate relocation in the near future, choosing a moving company that can provide you with great relocation services is imperative; after all, it ensures a smooth transition for all staff and the company itself. With that said, it’s critical that your relocation policy entails more than just that. Keeping your new location in mind, it’s important that you reconsider whether your current offerings are, in fact, meeting your company goals.

Corporate employee relocation policies vary for each and every business based on available resources, budget, and more but there are a few aspects that should be prioritized regardless of these variations. Your company should aim to address the following things for the most successful policy and results.

Be Sure to Promote Your Competitive Corporate Relocation Services
It is in your best interest to competitively market your corporate relocation policy. Should you be unfamiliar with how your policy compares to others in the industry, there are several resources that can help with this to give you a better idea of your offerings.  Sometimes it will mean providing more than your business currently supplies, but with this competitive edge, you’ll attract top-notch talent for your team moving forward. Who doesn’t want that? You already know that your staff is essentially the backbone of your business, so investing in a competitive corporate employee relocation policy, is further investment in the general well-being and success of your business.

Flexibility with Mileage
Although you may feel the need to provide the same amount of money to each staff member, the majority of employees will be disappointed and upset if they have to use their own money during transportation for work purposes.  You could risk losing incredible talent for your organization if your policy is based upon flat fees.  When it comes down to it, the best corporate policy is one that offers payment based strictly on mileage and not a general flat rate.

Assistance with Job Findings for Spouses
Relocations can fall through for many reasons, but a common occurrence that causes such cancellation is spousal concern or unsettlement over the move. It’s not always an easy decision for spouses to pick up and leave their home or job behind, so due to this hindrance adding spousal job support into your policy is a wise decision for everyone involved. This will help limit any reluctance one might have with relocating because in most cases, the individual has more than him or herself to consider in the relocating process. Knowing this, it is best to consider all key factors present in a move, like children and other close family members because they will have a greater impact than you think. Providing assistance with finding a job will make the relocation far more attractive to all parties because it automatically removes this potential obstacle. Remember that a proactive approach is a long-term investment for the longevity of your business.

Adding this to your policy gives you a competitive edge over the competition and will make potential future employees feel appreciated and valued. It’s a great scenario for everyone!

In Summary

Businesses must invest time in their corporate relocation policy in order for it to be as successful as possible. The key to crafting a successful policy is multifaceted. First, your policy must be competitive if you want to secure the best possible candidate.

The second key is to ensure that you craft your policy in a way that allows you to mitigate all potential risks involved in a relocation. Take a look at the reasons why previous relocations didn’t go as planned. Then use your policy to prevent similar events in the future. Similarly, if something is working, stick with it. At the end of the day, your policy should be strategic, designed to power business growth. Ask yourself, “Will this serve the business in a positive way?” If the answer is yes, you are off to a good start.

At ADSI Moving Systems, we are experts in providing smooth, corporate relocation services. We are qualified and trained to handle all areas of your move with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to ensure successful execution.

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