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Tips for Selecting a Moving Date

Selecting your moving date can be exciting. It marks the end of one chapter and the start of a new adventure! As you are preparing to select a date for your upcoming move, here are a few things we advise our clients to take into consideration. TIMELINES When planning your move there are various timelines…[Full Article]

Short-Term Storage: What to do with all your stuff when your move-in is delayed

We say it all the time, but buying and selling homes and planning a move requires the coordination of lots of moving parts, and sometimes those moving parts don’t all stay on track. For many families planning a move, they are up against a move OUT deadline, either from their rental property or the closing…[Full Article]

Serving A Growing Market: A Look at Local Businesses On the Move in 2018!

2018 was another great year across the CSRA. With the Augusta metro area continuing to grow, many long-time local businesses are experiencing an up-tick in activity, allowing them to further develop their offerings or footprint, while new businesses continue to seek out our area as a destination for potential expansion.   With a growth rate…[Full Article]

Totes V. Boxes: Why We Love this Sustainable Moving Supply

One of the biggest benefits of working with professionals for your office move or logistics project is having access to their tools and expertise. If you have seen any of our photos or videos about our office move process, you have likely seen one of our favorite “tools of the trade”: our blue packing totes!…[Full Article]

6 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

We know that moving takes time, effort, and financial resources, which can make it stressful. If you’re looking for ways to make your next move go a little smoother, consider avoiding some of these common moving mistakes.   CLUTTER IS KING In many homes, clutter is a pain point. From living spaces, to storage spaces,…[Full Article]