How to Develop Your Moving Timeline

When we are talking with many of our customers in the early stages of planning their move, we often get asked about timelines. Some of the questions are more specific: what day will my items be packed and loaded and will they be delivered on the same day or different day? Some are more long-range:…[Full Article]

How to Prepare Your Family Room for Moving Day

  As you prepare for moving day, each room in your home is a little different. The family room seems to be a catch-all space, filled with toys, books, furniture, entertainment systems, art and wall décor, and more. It’s easy to see why this room can seem overwhelming to prep for moving day. If you…[Full Article]

Team ETG Makes Moves for Hunger

Ellefson Transportation Group is proud to announce that through our partnership with Move For Hunger, we have donated enough food to provide 500 meals to food insecure individuals. Move for Hunger is a national organization that partners with relocation companies to collect and donate non-perishable food items to local food pantries to help those in need. Moving…[Full Article]

Your Provider for Local Logistics Solutions

I’m sure you’ve heard the term logistics before, but do you know what type of projects require specialized logistics solutions? Do you know where to find logistics solutions in the Augusta, GA area? How about the benefits of working with a logistics partner? Today we want to dive a little deeper into how logistics works…[Full Article]

Be Sure Yo Do These 5 Things Before Moving Day

  As moving day approaches, there are a lot of things to get ticked off the to-do list, from organizing and planning to packing, switching utilities, and organizing the necessary services, it’s easy to get distracted. Even if you’re using a full-service relocation company, like ADSI Moving Systems, there are a few items that you…[Full Article]